After a year, Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth to find Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Raditz, Gohan, and Piccolo waiting for them. Vegeta tells Raditz that he will die for his betrayal, and tells Nappa to kill him. Nappa, thinking Raditz is still much weaker than him, gets a surprise when it turns out Raditz has learned to suppress his power level. Raditz then fights Nappa, and begins to gain the upper hand on the brute. Meanwhile, the other fighters focus on fighting the Saibamen that Vegeta planted.

Goku is brought back to life using the Dragon Balls and arrives at the battlefield. Nappa has defeated Raditz and is about to kill him. Unfortunately, when Tien and Piccolo try to intervene, Nappa viciously kills them both of them in anger. Vegeta tells Nappa to kill Raditz, but Goku steps in. He tells Vegeta that if he leaves now, he will spare their lives. Vegeta laughs and tells Nappa to destroy Goku. Nappa complies, and is quickly dispatched by Goku. Nappa falls to the ground, unconscious. Vegeta then launches a ki blast at Nappa, disintegrating him. Vegeta challenges Goku to fight him. Vegeta’s incredible power forces Goku to use Kaioken x3. Goku gains the upper hand and charges a Kamehameha to defeat Vegeta. Vegeta counters with his Galick Gun, but is eventually overwhelmed by Goku’s superior power.

Vegeta, on the verge of death, creates a power ball and becomes a Great Ape. The weakened Raditz and Vegeta transform, as well as Gohan. Gohan and Goku try to fight Vegeta, but Vegeta is too strong for them to even fight evenly. Vegeta grabs Goku and is about to crush him when Gohan becomes enraged. Vegeta gets pushed back a little, but Gohan quickly tires and falls to the ground. Winded, Vegeta goes to kill Gohan when Yajirobe quickly cuts off Vegeta’s tail. Vegeta reverts back to his base form and crawls to his space pod. He escapes the planet unhindered, since the Z-Fighters are focusing on the other two apes.

The injured Z-Fighters are taken to the hospital. After recovering, Mr. Popo tells the Z-Fighters that they can use Kami’s old spaceship to travel to Namek and possibly bring back the Dragon Balls. Yamcha, Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin head out in a gravity training-equipped spaceship to Namek. Chiaotzu remains behind to wait for Tien. After they recover, Goku and Raditz head off to Namek as well.

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